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Update on Short Term Rentals in Unincorporated Weber County


To the Ogden Valley Community:


Today, the Weber County Commissioners unanimously approved an updated Short Term Rental (STR) ordinance that will NOT expand STRs beyond the current areas they are permitted.  Weber County has also contracted with a 3rd party to scrape web sites like AirBnb and VRBO (and many more) that advertise STRs to identify and report STRs in the unincorporated areas of Weber County.  This is an excellent first step to provide Weber County with sufficient data to enact effective STR enforcement.


The attachment to this email contains the Weber County Planning staff report to the Commissioners as well as a marked up copy of the ordinance and then a "clean" copy of the ordinance with all the marked up changes applied.  There were just a few grammatical & punctuation changes made to this ordinance, but nothing significant to the substance of the ordinance.  


A special "thank you" is in order to the Weber County Planning staff and the Weber County Commissioners for all their work on this ordinance.  But most importantly, a very special "thank you" is in order to the Ogden Valley STR team (from mulitiple areas in the valley) for all their work reporting STR violations, collecting factual information on the negative impacts STRs have had on communities, soliciting signatures on the STR petition and taking the time to voice their concerns to the County Commissioners.  THANK YOU!


The next step now is to pay attention to the upcoming State of Utah Legislative session with the hopes that they do not pass some type of State ordinance that overrides the Weber County STR ordinance just approved.


Please share this information with your neighbors and related communities.


Kind regards,

Jan Fullmer


Weber County Ordinance Attachments